User Scenario - Refined Foodstuffs

James has only recently started in his new job in Export Sales for a UK-based artisan chocolatier company and is pleased to have obtained an interest from a well-known US retail chain. He offers to send some sample packs in the hope of getting an initial order.

In discussion with colleagues, James finds that the ideal temperature for storing chocolate is 15°C and that shipments to existing customers are often made overnight or even held back on the hotter days of Summer. Given the importance of building a US market he decides to air freight the samples.

Initial research into aircraft cargo hold temperatures, however, causes James some consternation: While guidance suggests that mean air temperature in the hold will be about 20°C over the whole flight, it seems dependent on actual aircraft type and where the freight is placed.

The Boeing 767, as used on some transatlantic flights, maintains its baggage hold above 7°C, whereas some other aircraft types state “temperature mode is not maintained”. James sensibly decides to use one of Hydropac’s Thermal Postal Packets and also attaches a Smashtag Chill.

Even though there is a delay in the flight, so that the samples arrive a day later than expected and ambient temperatures in the US Midwest are around 30°C, James’ US customer is delighted both by the taste of the chocolate and the quality of the monitoring / packaging.

They see the Smashtag Chill as being an easy way for them to verify that the chocolate has been maintained below 26°C which avoids the ‘bloom’ and deterioration in this natural product. The customer places a large order and insists that Smashtag Chill is used on all future shipments.

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