User Scenario - Frozen Foods

Avi is a despatch clerk for a leading frozen food courier. Most of the trailers are fitted with a temperature monitoring technology that regularly sends back data using the same cellular backhaul as the GPS location system that provides real-time tracking data for the supermarket customers.

While in the main this system works well in providing alerts against power losses, out-of-range temperatures as monitoring at several points in the trailer it still has some shortcomings. Avi’s company does not share the temperature data with its customers, other than in exceptional circumstances.

Avi realises with experience that the trailer-based system works best in point-to-point deliveries and placing a Smashtag Chill tag or several on the various pallets gives assurance of the status of the product on multi-drop deliveries, where the chiller may struggle if the trailer door is left open on a hot day.

Even on point-to-point deliveries that dictate an overnight stop or via ferries where external power supplies are typically used to power the refrigeration, there is a danger that mobile coverage may be lost and there may as a result be gaps in the traceability data. Smashtag Chill supplements the information.

Avi is most concerned and therefore ensures that Smashtag Chill is regularly used when shipments involve trailers being changed between tractor units with different real-time systems, or where logistics dictates the frozen goods being forklifted from trailer to cold store and later back to trailer again.

In these circumstances, and to provide at relatively low added-cost a ‘cold room’-to-‘cold room’ assurance, Smashtag Chill gives an extra safeguard as well as pallet-level traceability as to the status of the frozen food shipment. “Trailer monitoring is for trailers, Smashtag Chill is for product”, as Avi says.

Avi notices that customers are increasingly themselves using Smashtag Chill tags on their shipments to verify that the deep frozen goods are continuously maintained at below -29°C, frozen goods at below -18°C, and chill at 2°C. This gives them the ability to independently verify and have traceability data.

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