User Scenario - Fresh Produce

Nick has built up a successful family business delivering fresh produce to chefs in high-end local restaurants, both varieties grown on his own farm as well sourced from wholesale markets. To minimise wastage and ensure timely delivery, he has to date used his own small van fleet as well as a proven nearby courier company. Margins dictate he cannot use refrigerated transport.

Occasionally he has had to deal with complaints that produce was not of acceptable quality, which in many cases Nick was convinced was down to temperamental chefs or kitchen staff having mistreated or over-ordered a particular item. In most situations he has simply offered a refund, or in a few cases opted no longer to retain that particular customer!

Nick wants to expand the business but is concerned about the implications of using independent couriers, who may not understand the possible damage to his reputation if for example, produce is left in an unventilated van for a protracted period on a hot day. He is also aware of stretching his distribution network further from the wholesale markets and possible impact on quality.

On hearing about Smashtag Chill he decides to try it on larger and more valuable pallets to some of his more demanding customers. They seem impressed and without the flashing LED, Nick is able to assure them that at all times the produce has been kept in ‘ideal conditions’. He collects devices and returns them to Smashtag for reprogramming for re-use.

A few months later in using an independent courier to despatch to an existing chef who has moved to a more distant restaurant, Nick receives a strongly-worded complaint about the quality of a shipment of asparagus. A Smashtag Chill was contained with the consignment, so comparing the timeline and temperature profile with the courier’s own data provides a valuable insight.

Nick is able to use the information obtained from Smashtag Chill to appease the offended chef and explain to the courier the importance of his deliveries. The courier now clearly understands that a flashing LED on the Smashtag Chill device means that he has to immediately inform Nick, and await instructions as to what action to take if he wants to retain his business.

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