About Us

Smashtag was formed by Ziconix, a company with a 10+ year record in developing award-winning Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications to meet a wide range of wireless sensing needs.

With the advent of the iPhone we began developing apps for various clients in industrial sectors and in later years expanded to develop the wireless electronics hardware for our clients as Bluetooth and other wireless technologies matured. We’ve met with a lot of companies in many different sectors in recent years and so have been able to help them bring technically innovative, award winning products to their markets as the world has come to demand the wireless evolution of traditional products.

So eventually we decided to put our money where our mouth was and move from being a product development house to develop our own wireless product and service that we thought would change the landscape of the logistical temperature monitoring world; “Smashtag”.

Bringing together our staff’s extensive skills in electronic design, cloud based web server and mobile application development, we designed the Smashtag service to embody everything that we learned through the formative years at Ziconix. That is “if you’re not solving somebody’s pain then your service isn’t worthy of their custom”.

Why the name Smashtag? It was always a running joke within the office about our first company Ziconix being a bit obscure but also difficult over the phone so this time we wanted to go in a different direction and with one of our products originally being designed to measure shock Steve came up with Smashtag.

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